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Warehousing Services

At Summit, we know that warehousing can present some challenges – especially with the demands of just-in-time (JIT) inventory requirements, seasonal fluctuations and maximizing production runs. Therefore, we propose a solution as flexible as your needs.

What We Do:

We take the risk out of warehousing by providing you with a fixed cost for the storage and handling of your products – no matter what the seasonality, no matter what the fluctuation in demand. We work with you, analyzing production schedules, shipping requirements, product seasonality, and other variables. With this information, we build a costing model that will fix your warehousing expense on a per unit basis – despite the seasonality of your product. By so doing, we minimize the risk of the fluctuating costs that you face in running your own warehouse. Not to mention the additional concerns you face with personnel, equipment, and real estate.

Our Commitment to Service:

We recognize that you are the boss and we regard the handling of your company’s products as a serious responsibility – therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest quality of warehousing standards. We are committed to the care and custody of your product – not just by keeping track of it but by taking care of it. We understand that we are shipping your product, hence, we feel compelled to send your merchandise to your customers with the same care you do.

At Summit, we understand that your customers will see us as an extension of your company – we not only work for you, we represent you and we take that trust very seriously.

AIB Certification

Summit Warehousing is AIB Certified and has consistently received high marks and awards in food safety and standards from AIB International.

Companies that store and distribute food and other perishable products must go through programs and implement procedures that most warehouses may overlook. Being coined as a Food Grade Warehouse starts with becoming certified. One of the most important certifications is awarded by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) International. The AIB provides audits and educational opportunities for maintaining food grade status.


Summit Warehousing is a forward-thinking, technology driven company. Warehousing can be complicated, and deploying the smartest technology keeps processes running smoothly and your products moving out the door. We have specialized technologies in place to move product from the warehouse to its final destination accurately. This also ensures the warehouse is run as efficiently as possible, and everything is on time and on budget.

Pick and Pack

Summit Warehousing can provide all types of packaging, bagging, kitting, and a host of other services that can help your business deliver products to market efficiently and cost effectively.

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics is having the right quantity, at the right time in the right place, and in the right condition. Regardless of the product and their unique characteristics, Summit Warehousing prides ourselves on responding to the individual needs of our customers and we excel in creating custom designed programs to meet your unique needs.

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What We Offer

We provide a state of the art warehousing environment. We stay on top of industry standards and the latest developments in handling productivity which provides you with the most effective warehouse possible. Our attention to the logistical details enables you to concentrate on doing what you and your company do best.

Food-Grade Storage Space

A stringent pest control program

Clean, well-lit storage space

Clearly marked warehouse locations

Adherence to food-grade warehousing standards

Computerized Inventory Tracking

FIFO and LIFO capabilities

Batch and date code tracking

Customized inventory reporting

Safety and Security

ESFR fire suppression system

24 hour fire alarm monitoring

Video Monitoring

Monitored and inspected burglar alarm system

Fully Insured

Customer Service

Quick response to queries

Attention to detail


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